Nude Drawing for adults

Throughout the course of this workshop, participants will learn to create drawings that contain life; gazing upon the nude body will acquire a poetic and natural dimension, surpassing the merely sexual dimension. This workshop unites plastic arts education with performance art, thereby strengthening participants’ experience and skills regarding “the natural gaze,” understanding the essentials of movement, drawing as an expression of life, and the development of the poetic gaze.

About the Models 

The models who pose in the workshop possess special training in performance art, butoh dancing, or meditation, allowing for a more fluid and profound experience.

Schedule: Thursdays 20:00-22:00h or Saturdays 12:00-14:00pm


68€ per month (4 classes)

85€ per month (5 classes)

20€  single class

Special offer:

Student and unemployed price: 50€ per month (4 classes)

Student and unemployed price: 70€ per month (5 classes)

*This workshop is ongoing through June, 2014*

Examples of students’ past work