Nude Drawing for children

The idea behind the nude drawing workshop for children grew out of the necessity to strengthen a child’s exploration of drawing life; to teach them to observe and to view the human body with the respect that it deserves as a human being, and not merely as a subject. The body possesses and internal energy, and drawing the nude body allows the child to enter into a process of observation which approaches meditation: his or her gaze acquires a more profound dimension through drawing. Exercises throughout the workshop also serve to develop multidisciplinary creativity, such as literary creation in the form of stories which the children will display to the group, and transformation exercises in which the model changes appearance  and thereby stimulates the imagination of the young artists during short time periods. The unique experiences of the children shine through in their drawings.

About the Models 

The models who pose in the workshop possess special training in performance art, butoh dancing, or meditation, allowing for a more fluid and profound experience.

Schedule: Thursdays or Fridays, 18:00-19:30h


60€ per month (4 classes)

75€ per month (5 classes)

18€  single class

Special offer:

Two members of the same family- 50€ each per month (4 classes)

Two members of the same family- 63€ each per month (5 classes)

*This workshop is ongoing until June, 2014*

Example of Children’s Past Work: